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"Create Your Own"
Classic Falcon T5 Small Block Conversion Kit


  •  Ford Small Block 289-302-351

  •  200-500hp

  •  Automatic or 3/4 speed conversion

  •  Everything from the flywheel to the driveshaft

  •  Simplified Ordering

  •  Order only what you need

  •  Add to the cart at the bottom in one step

  •  Most popular items are marked

Follow the steps below to get everything needed (less what you already have) for a T5 swap for your classic 1960-1965 Ford Falcon:

  Free shipping **

**When ordered as a custom package from this page valued over $2500
(prorated shipping will be added for kits under $2500)

Falcon T5 Conversion Kit
"Create Your Own"


Step 1 - Select Model Year Falcon 1960-1965


Model Year:    **Important**

Indicates most popular items resulting in a Complete kit 


Step 2 - Select T5 Transmission


     None - Customer supplied T5

New T5z with 2.95 1st, .63od with Front Shift conversion to move shifter forward away from seat.
**NEW: Find out more about our  Front Shift Tailhousing .    



Step 3 - Select Bell Housing Components


     None - Customer supplied bell housing and block plate

NEW Aluminum V8 T5 bell housing with block plate $260.00

     QuickTime RM-6060 Steel Scattershield with starter pocket cover & block plate  $648.95



Cable style clutch lever   $28.00
Clutch lever cover  $32.00
      (Not used with 6060 Bell)

If keeping existing 4 speed bell select from the following:

Adapter plate (5-bolt) $160.00
Adapter plate (6-bolt) $160.00

Fulcrum Adapter Kit (65-66 style) $43.00  
Fulcrum Adapter Kit (67-up style) $43.00
     (adapt mechanical style fork and linkage to T5 bell)


Step 4 - Clutch Actuation


Mechanical style  (user supplied)

Z-bar clutch pivot for late model motors using stock linkage $60.50

Clutch Cable Kit $259.00
         (not compatible with 4 speed bell housing)

      Hydraulic Master & Slave (select type below)

  Slip-on style internal slave, 24" steel braided line, & LF Series Master   $583.50

  External style slave, 30" steel braided line, & LF Series Master  $460.00
(see Hydraulics page for more information)



Step 5 - Select Flywheel

Kit Total: $0.00

    28 oz 157 tooth Cast steel 10"/10.5"  $165
28 oz 157 tooth Billet steel  10.5"   $235
    50 oz 157 tooth Cast steel  10.5"  (Stock 5.0L)  $150
    50 oz 157 tooth Billet steel  10.5"   $255

OEM Flywheel bolts  $17.00
    ARP Flywheel bolts  $21.00



Step 6 - Select Clutch


NOTE: Clutch and flywheel must match (10" or 10.5")  -Clutch kits come complete with throw-out bearing, pilot bearing and alignment tool.

    Organic Clutch  10"  $175
    Organic Clutch  10.5"  $178
Super King Cobra Clutch  10.5" $290
    K/O Multi-Friction Clutch  10.5" $415
    Kevlar/Kevlar Clutch  10.5"  $485


See Clutch page for more detailed information

Pressure plate bolts  $12.00
    ARP Pressure plate bolts  $21.50



Step 7 - Select Shift Lever Options


(see Catalog/Shifters for other options)

  Stock appearance shift lever  $139.00
  Stock appearance shift knob $39.00
  Stock boot and Chrome Trim Ring (Falcon) $50.00

HURST Chrome lever   $90.50
HURST shift boot  $26.00
    HURST shift ball 5 sp Black  $27.00
HURST shift ball 5 sp White  $27.00
    HURST T-handle   $32.50



Step 8 - Crossmember


    No Crossmember
Falcon FS T5 Crossmember $149.00
Rubber Mount  $19.00



Step 9 - Other Items


NOTE: Below speedometer parts are for a "Front Shift" T5.  If you need the parts for a standard Ford T5 please indicate in the notes section below.

Speedo Cable $26.00
Speedo Insert $14.50
Speedo Gear $9.50
  <<--Select Speedo Gear (select any and enter rear and tire info below and we'll calculate correct gear)

    28-Spline Yoke $85.00 (see catalog for complete Driveshaft with yoke)
Hardware mounting kit $25.00
          (T5 bell to engine, T5 to bell, and other req. HW)
Reverse Switch pigtail $19.50
3 qts Amsoil ATF $35.85

Clutch Pedal

60-65 Falcon clutch pedal  $160

Pedal Pads, trim rings, and roller bearing kits available in Catalog...



Step 10 - Special Remarks & info

Enter any special requests or information we should know to validate your package.  Also, let us know about your car.  This will help us validate your order and calculate special parts such as the speedo gear.

(i-6, 289, 302, 390, 428, etc)
Rear end ratio (3.35, 3.55, etc)
Tire size (245x55x16)




World Class TREMEC T-5


Classic T5 Upgrades the easy way... 

Modern Driveline is the only company that offers complete conversion kits for your Classic Mustang, which are also customizable to your needs.

The packages are designed so that you have everything you need to install a five speed over the weekend. The kits are well laid out and stocked with high quality components.

If you can change a clutch, you can install a five speed this weekend!  Best of all, conversion kits come with lots of technical advice and support!


Tech Help?...

Be sure to read the five speed conversion articles in the Tech Section.

The easiest way to upgrade your Classic Mustang to a five speed is to order a conversion package from Modern Driveline, the leader in Ford conversions.



Personalized Service...

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