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LF Series Hydraulic Clutch Kits

LF Series Hydraulics Slave

LF Series External Hydraulic Clutch Slave

Uses cable style lever and bearing
Integrated bleed
Simple installation
Simple and reliable
Compatible with T5/TKO Aluminum Bell and Quicktime steel bell

Alternative to Mechanical linkage

The LF Series Hydraulic Clutch Slave is designed as a alternative to mechanical linkage or a replacement for the cabled clutch system.  Using the same clutch lever and throwout bearing used in a cable system it mimics the stroke of the cable system for consistent release of cable style clutches.  The light pedal feel and improved throw is an improvement beyond all others on the market.  A full 1 1/4" throw insures complete clutch disengagement.


Currently, the external slaves are compatible with both T5/TKO Aluminum bell housings and Quicktime steel bell housings.  The AL (aluminum) bell version mounts to the stock aluminum T5 or TKO bell housing.  The T5 or TKO trans mount versions use a bracket which mounts to the transmission allowing use with cable style bell housings such as the Quicktime bells.  These are currently only compatible with the Ford small block bells and integrated bells of the T45 and 3650 transmissions.

Future products

A version for 4 speed Toploader bell housings is in design,  Stay tuned.

Complete Solutions

A typical complete solution consists of the LF Series Master Clutch Kit, a steel braided line of appropriate length, and the LF Series Hydraulic Slave.

LF 6000 Series Internal Throw-out Bearing

In addition to the external slave choices, we also offer a new internal throw-out bearing.  Using hydraulic technology from Tilton Engineering, these new bearings are easy to install (slip over the bearing retainer of the transmission), and are built to last.  Kits are available for Ford T5's, Ford TKO's, Ford Toploaders, GM T5's, GM TKO's, and Ford T56's with CSC hydraulic setup already ( LS and Viper T56's, and the new XL Magnum T56 for 2005+ Ford Mustangs).   More info>>>



Ford Hydraulic Clutch Kits

Chevy Hydraulic Clutch Kits


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1 Year Warranty!

LF Series Hydraulics carry a limited 1 year warranty against defects in material and workmanship.

LF Series Slave Kit