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  Cobra Performance Solutions


Cobra 4000 Courtesy of Shelby Automobiles, Inc

Add Overdrive to your

TREMEC T5z, TKO-500, TKO-600

Custom Front, or Rear-Shift positions

Street and Road racing configurations

Complete kits ready to install

High performance clutch and flywheel

Big block and small block configurations

   photo courtesy of Shelby Automobiles, Inc.

Are you looking for driveline components for your Factory Five, Kirkam, Superformance, Shelby 4000 or 8000 series Cobra, or any of the other Cobra builders on the market?  Consider Modern Driveline’s complete range of options for adding a five speed as your solution.  All parts from the back of the engine to the differential are available.  Many different clutch configurations are available depending on driving style and power level.


Our custom shortened input shaft Tremec TKO-500/600 5 speed transmissions are direct coupled to the scattershield.  No spacer plate required.  This length difference also facilitates trans removal without removing the engine! 


Light Weight

Our recommendation for the small block Cobra is the lightweight of the Tremec T5z.  It is 25% lighter then the TKO’s, shifts smoother and also comes with the traditional shift location or a front shift position for a better experience.

High Performance Clutch

Our Multi-Friction and Kevlar clutches are manufactured and tested to withstand the power of the engine and your driving style.  Our Kevlar clutch is the recommended solution for lightweight cars as the smooth engagement will eliminate chatter problems and the high wear factor means 2 to 3 times longer before a clutch change.


Package Features:

Multi- Friction or Kevlar Clutch with 1yr warranty

Steel or Aluminum Drive Shaft

Lighten billet steel or Aluminum flywheel

Custom Front, Mid and Rear shift positions

Hydraulic slave throw-out bearing

All hardware for easy installation

Steel Scattershield or Aluminum bellhousing (small block only)

Light weight steel bellhousing (Quicktime) fits without modification and is half the weight of Lakewood bells.  Comes with or without SFI certification.


Transmission Configurations:

Model (ft/lb) input
1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th
TKO 500 500 10 31 3.27 1.97 1.34 1.00 .68
TKO 600 600 26 31 2.87 1.89 1.28 1.00 .64
TKO 600RR 600 26 31 2.87 1.89 1.28 1.00 .82
T5z 330 10 28 2.95 1.94 1.34 1.00 .63











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photo courtesy of Shelby Automobiles, Inc.