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Modern Driveline is a TREMEC Elite Distributor
Full Service authorized TREMEC Elite Dealer including repair center and Warranty repair.  

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Parts, Repair & Rebuild Services           "Your transmission still serviceable?"

Transmission in need of Repair?

We have parts and know-how to rebuild and repair Borg Warner / TREMEC T-5, T-45, T-56, TREMEC 3550/3550-II, TKO/TKO-II, TKO500 and TKO600 and T56's.

  • Rebuild Services
    Modern Driveline provides the best quality in rebuild services and parts.  We rebuild and repair Borg Warner T5, T45, T56, TREMEC 3550's, and TKO's. A standard rebuild will replace worn synchro's, bearings and seals.  The transmission is completely disassembled, cleaned, inspected and re-assembled.  Any items found damaged, like gears, will be replaced upon customer approval.  Gear ratios can be changed to match the customers request.

  • Typical Rebuilds
    OEM bearing, bushing, seals, shift pads
    Springs, synchros, small parts kit
    Cases are completely cleaned, deburred and inspected
    All gears and shafts are inspected.  Customer notified if these parts are in need of replacement.
    Bearings are shimmed with a slight preload
    All rebuilds are warranted for 6 months on workmanship (no gear breakage)
    Options & Upgrades
    Ask about available options and upgrades for your transmission.



    • Warranty
      Rebuilt transmissions come with a full 6 month warranty against defects in workmanship. Warranty does not include gear breakage.

    • Rebuild Pricing
      Below pricing is average labor and basic parts. Replacement of damaged gears or changes to gear ratio's is extra.  Please send us your details so we can quote you an estimate. (prices subject to change)

      • T-5 WC  -  $600
      • T-5 NWC  -  $500
      • TREMEC 3550/TKO  -  $850
      • T-45  -  $600
      • 3650   -  $700
      • T-56 (Non-Magnum or XL  -  $750
      • T-56 Magnum   -  $400
    • Shipping
      Shipping charges are the customers responsibility, both directions.

    • Interested?
      Give us a call (208-453-9800) and we'll quote you costs and lead time.

  • Doing your own rebuild? Need parts?
    We stock most parts and rebuild kits.  Give us a call with your needs.


Service Manuals

Description Product ID Revision
TKO-500 & TKO-600 Mid-Shift Conversion Kit TRAM0080107 Jan-07 Click to download PDF487KB  
T-5 TRSM-T5-0511 May-10 Click to download PDF3.45MB  
T-56 TRSM-T56-0711 Jul-11 Click to download PDF2.05MB  
TR-3550/TKO TRSM-TKO-0711 Jul-11 Click to download PDF3.07MB  


Illustrated Parts Lists

Description Product ID Revision
TKO Parts Catalog TRPM-TKO-0711 Jul-11 Click to download PDF1.12MB  


General Literature

Description Product ID Revision
Shift Balls, Shift Location Conversion Kits, Misc. Components SPMM0150807 Dec-07 Click to download PDF296KB  
Transmission Tag ID TRTB05007 Apr-07 Click to download PDF107KB  
Shimming Procedure (TKO) TRTB0050306 Mar-06 Click to download PDF241KB  
TKO Installation Tips TKO Tips Sep-05 Click to download PDF123KB  
2015 TREMEC Mini-Catalog/Product Guide 2015 Guide  May-15  Click to download PDF1.4MB