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  • Modern Driveline’s All-New Hydraulic Clutch Setup for Fox Mustangs

    Muscle Mustangs and Fast Fords by Jim Smart Pedal Play: Modern Driveline Makes It Fast & Easy to Get Precision Low-Pedal Resistance Clutch Performance
  • LF Series Internal Hydraulic Release Bearing

    In addition to our external slave choices, we also offer an internal throw-out bearing. Using hydraulic technology from Tilton Engineering (Tilton 6000 Series), these new bearings are easy to install (slip over the bearing retainer of the transmission), and are built to last.
  • How-To Install a Hydraulic Clutch Master into the 1979-93 Fox Mustang

    The cable system was a big improvement over the mechanical linkage of 70's and earlier vehicles. Now for another stepped improvement in smoothness and reliability we offer a hydraulic master designed specifically for the Fox bodied cars of the 80's and 90's.
  • Put a Five-Speed in a Big-Block Mustang

    Mustang Monthly Sept. 2016 by Jim Smart Total TKO! Modern Driveline’s “Low-Profile” TKO Five-Speed Conversion for 1967-1973 Mustangs is a technical knockout — the MDL “Low-Profile” TKO five-speed transmission for 1967-1973 small-block, 385-Series big-block, and FE-Series big-block Mustangs. What makes the “Low-Profile” TKO for classic Mustangs exciting is its no-nonsense fitment.
  • Quick Look: MDL Reverse Lockout Module

    An often overlooked item when installing a T56 Magnum is the Reverse Lockout Module. The solution is to monitor vehicle speed and only allow the reverse lockout to de-energize the solenoid at low vehicle speeds.
  • 1971-73 Mustang/Cougar Cable Clutch Conversion

    Enjoy reduced clutch pedal effort with A Modern Driveline Cable Clutch Conversion Kit
  • Soft Pedal It With the LF Series Hydraulic Clutch System

    Modern Driveline’s LF Series Hydraulic Clutch Kits for classic cars make light work of a heavy pedal by letting fluid do the hard work mechanical Z-bar clutch systems have been doing for generations.
  • New Product - Carbon Fiber Driveshaft

    QA1 REV™ Series performance driveshafts are lighter, stiffer and stronger than aluminum, steel and other carbon fiber driveshafts, all while providing dramatic safety benefits.
  • New Product - MDL Flathead Adapter

    Put a better overdrive transmission behind your Ford Flathead. Designed for a wider range of transmissions than previous adapters, the MDL Ford Flathead adapter will ease the task of adding an overdrive transmission to your Flathead project.
  • New Product - MDL Front Shift T5 Tailhousing

    Early (mid-1960's and earlier) cars and street rods with their short wheel bases benefit greatly when the shifter is positioned forward from the standard position offered by the T5 overdrive transmission. This new product greatly simplifies the installation of a T5 into these cars and positions the shifter where it belongs.
  • Sunbeam Tiger TKO600

    Modern Driveline’s new TREMEC TKO600 five-speed overdrive transmission is engineered to fit your Sunbeam Tiger without cutting or modifying the tunnel.
  • How to Install a Hydraulic Clutch

    Why settle for a heavy pedal when you can install Modern Driveline's LF Series in a weekend?
  • TREMEC® T-56 MAGNUM 6-Speed transmission

    Introduced in the spring of 2009, the TREMEC T-56 Magnum 6-speed manual transmission, was the long awaited and highly anticipated replacement for the original T-56.
  • The solution to 2005-up Ford Mustang S197 Shift problems.

    Plagued with shifting issues in your 2005-up Mustang, including the 2011 and 2012 Mustang’s?
  • How the TREMEC® T-56 MAGNUM 6-Speed transmission is improved.

    The kingpin of TREMEC’s high performance line-up, the all-new T-56 Magnum 6-speed transmission takes the very best from current OEM technologies and pairs it with the most popular features of the all-business TKO 5-speed.
  • TREMEC TKO Transmissions

    TREMEC TKO Transmissions are a great replacement for 3 & 4-speed manuals, as well as, automatics.  Our TREMEC TKO page discusses what makes each TKO different and details to be aware of when converting.
  • .80 T5 5th Gear Set

    Are you Road Racing with a T5? Or just need a higher 5th gear?  We have a solution with our 1:.80 5th gear.
  • How To Install A Modern Driveline Cable Clutch Linkage

    Mustang Monthly November 2008  by Jim Smart  Details and pictures of the installation of a typical clutch cable into an early Mustang.
  • Cable Guy - FORD MUSCLE

    Swapping a T5 overdrive manual transmission into an early Mustang or Falcon (or their Mercury cousins) has never been more popular.  Ford Muscle upgraded their 1967 Mustang with a Modern Driveline clutch cable kit.
  • High Performance Clutch Linkage

    The Muscle-Z-Bar is the answer to poor performance from your mechanical linkage. Spherical rod ends, heim joints, and fully adjustable linkage rods remove the binding points which plaque mechanical linkages.
  • Internal Hydraulic Release Bearing

    The LF Series Internal Hydraulic Release Bearing is designed as a solution where the external slave causes an interference or where no external kit has been developed.
  • New Hydraulic Clutch Slave

    Aug. 2009 - Modern Driveline released a new clutch external hydraulic slave designed to work with T5 and TKO aluminum and steel bellhousings.
  • New Hydraulic Clutch Master

    June 2009 - Modern Driveline introduced a new Hydraulic Clutch Master at the Birmingham 45th Anniversary of the Mustang. The new master features mechanical reduction for a light pedal feel while designed to use the existing clutch rod hole. Designed to fit many early Ford, Chevy and Mopar vehicles.
  • Modern Driveline Featured on Two Guys Garage

    Brian Fuller and Kevin Byrd will be installing a new Ford Boss push rod engine into a 1967 Mustang Coupe with our specially prepped TREMEC 5-speed TKO600RR (Road Race).
  • GearZ TV Hydraulics segment

    Watch GearZ TV as they feature the Modern Driveline Hydraulics Clutch Pedal Master Cylinder kit. Episode 14 debuted on the Speed Channel with Gearz TV and Stacey David’s V8 Interceptor project. Watch here...Season 4 Episode 14 Parts Bin