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Transmission Details

Articles about TREMEC transmissions (the T-5 5-speed, TKO Series, and T-56 6-speed transmissions).

  • TREMEC Repair Manuals and Catalogs

    If you are rebuilding your transmission take a look here for the service manual which may guide you to a succesful outcome.
  • How-to Rebuild a World-Class T-5 Transmission

    Mustang Monthly June 2015 by Jim Smart T-5 Explained: Modern Driveline has everything you are going to need to freshen up a T-5, including real tech support.
  • How To Swap C4 Automatic for a Manual Transmission - Inline Update

    Mustang Monthly January 2014 by Mark Houlahan Ditching the C4 for a five-speed manual was on Brianís to-do list from day one. Starting with a used T-5 transmission he procured locally, Brian added installation hardware, clutch components, shifter, and more from the folks at Modern Driveline.
  • The solution to 2005-up Ford Mustang S197 Shift problems.

    Plagued with shifting issues in your 2005-up Mustang, including the 2011 and 2012 Mustangís?
  • How the TREMECģ T-56 MAGNUM 6-Speed transmission is improved.

    The kingpin of TREMECís high performance line-up, the all-new T-56 Magnum 6-speed transmission takes the very best from current OEM technologies and pairs it with the most popular features of the all-business TKO 5-speed.
  • Tremec's T-56 Magnum Six Speed Manual Gearbox

    Modified Mustangs & Fords July 10 2010 Tremec's New Magnum Six-Speed Will Separate Your Classic Ford From The Rest Of The Herd
  • Terminator Tremec's T-56 New Six-Speed Transmission Upgrade

    5.0 Mustang & Super Fords Sept. 1 2009 Tremec's New T-56 Magnum Is Ready To Make Stronger, Smoother Music In Your 'Stang
  • The original TREMEC T-56

    The T-56 six-speed overdrive transmission was developed for adaptation to a wide range of vehicle requirements.
  • TREMEC TKO-500 / TKO-600

    Designed to be a replacement of the earlier model TR-3550 and TKO, the TKO-500 and TKO-600 has been significantly upgraded, making it more robust, flexible and versatile.
  • T-5 History

    Not all transmissions were created equal.  And this is especially true with T5's.  The T5 History page describes the many variations between the years and the applications.  Have a transmission already, but don't know the specifications?  The Transmission Specification page will help you.  You may find the transmission you were planning to use does not meet the torque requirements of your new engine.
  • TREMEC TKO Transmissions

    TREMEC TKO Transmissions are a great replacement for 3 & 4-speed manuals, as well as, automatics.  Our TREMEC TKO page discusses what makes each TKO different and details to be aware of when converting.
  • TREMEC TR-3650

    The TR-3650 five-speed overdrive transmission was developed using state-of-the-art technology and is designed for a wide range of cars and compact utility vehicles.
  • TREMEC TR-3550

    The TR-3550 five-speed overdrive transmission was developed to provide great torque capacity and is ideal for specialty sports cars equipped with high torque engines.
  • TREMEC T-45

    The T-45 five-speed overdrive transmission was developed primarily for high-performance cars with relatively high-engine torque requirements but is adaptable to other light-duty applications such as sport utility light trucks.
  • TREMEC T-5

    The T-5 five-speed transmission was developed for a broad range of vehicle applications from passenger car to compact sport utility vehicle (SUV) requirements.