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  Classic Ford Falcon, Mustang, Cougar Clutch Cables


Clutch Cables for your Classic
Are you installing a five speed in your car?  Here is the cable kit which will pull it all together!  Note: we have kits for Mustangs Cougars and Falcons.  Check specific years below.  Cable kits are designed for a T5, T56 or TREMEC TKO series transmission with a cable compatible bellhousing/scattershield.

All cable kits carry a limited lifetime warranty!

The heavy duty lined cable is much smoother than the stock linkage.  Installation is easy, requiring less than 90 minutes with basic hand tools when done as part of a conversion.  Clutch adjustment is easy with the tool free cable adjuster built in.

Warning: Clutch cables do not work with all long tube headers.  Long tube headers were designed long ago to clear linkages, thus were tucked tightly in towards the block.  There are headers designed with cables in mind from suppliers such as Ford Powertrain, Hedman, JBA and others.  Please check yours.  Cables bent to clear the header are not subject to warranty when they do fail.

Adjustable bracket bolts to stock clutch pedal (No welding required).
Pedal does not need to be removed from the car.
Easier to install than hydraulic systems and less maintenance.
Cable kit is to be used in conjunction with a T5, or TKO
 bell housing or scatter shield.
Firewall support plate with a tool free cable adjuster.
Compatible with both manual and most power brake boosters.
Heavy duty lined cable
Dual adjustable cable system
Custom length cable to clear header and shock tower

Select model & year below

Clutch Cable kits

US $



1965-66 Mustang
T5/TKO/T56 Clutch Cable kit


1967-68 Mustang/Cougar  
T5/TKO/T56 Clutch Cable kit


1969-70 Mustang/Cougar  
T5/TKO/T56 Clutch Cable kit


1971-73 Mustang/Cougar  
T5/TKO/T56 Clutch Cable kit


1960-65 Falcon  
T5/TKO/T56 Clutch Cable kit



Didn't find your model?  Let us know!

65-66cablekitpicturewo.jpg (37222 bytes)
Cable kit



65-65mustangcablekitinstalled.jpg (44205 bytes)
 Cable kit installed  in a '65 Mustang


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