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Ford Inline-6 Solutions


Put a t5 behind a ford inline-6 motor

Sandard T5's and custom Front Shift T5's

Upgrade your drivetrain

Complete kits ready to install

No need to try to fix that ageing 3 or 4 speed transmission


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Looking to upgrade your driving experience in your early Ford with a inline-6 cylinder motor?  Consider Modern Driveline’s complete range of options for adding a five speed as your solution.  All parts from the back of the engine to the differential are available.  Many different clutch configurations are available depending on driving style and power level.


Adapter Plates

What makes it all possible are adapter plates between the bell housing and transmission.  The most common transmission is the 2.77 3 speed behind a 6 cyl.  We custom designed a adapter to convert the the bolt patterns and space the transmission to accommodate the different input shaft of the T5.  To understand exactly what you have, consult our articles on Bell Housing Identification and the Match-up of bells, flywheels and starters.


Custom T5's

Our custom T5 with the shifter moved forward from the standard position is the ideal solution for Falcons.  This change positions the shifter in the correct location.  A standard T5 positions the shifter back against a bench seat or between bucket seats resulting in a very uncomfortable shift position ( not to mention the required changes to the floor support to clear the shifter). 


Clutch Configurations for your driving style

Early 6 cyl motors used the 8.5" deep dish flywheel and clutch sets.  We have specific clutch configurations for the T5 with the 8.5" clutch.  Later years switched to the 9'' clutch.  Again, Modern Driveline developed clutch configurations for the T5.


Package Features:

Std. or Front Shift T5 Transmission

Adapter plate

New or resurfaced flywheel

8.5" or 9" Clutch kit

Hurst shift lever/ball/boot

Steel or Aluminum Drive Shaft


CAble conversion

Unfortunately, conversion to the popular cable linkage is not possible behind the 6 cyl with a stock bellhousing as there are no provisions for the cable. However, The Quicktime bell, MD-401-8050, does have provisions for cable operation.  Give us a call for details and a quote. 


Engine Compatibility

Whether your engine is a 170, 200, 250, or 300 we have a solution for you.  While we don't stock the bellhousings and clutch linkages on a regular basis give us a call.  If you have the bell and linkage then we have most of the other components you need from the flywheel back.


For additional information visit our Technical resources, starting with Converting Manual Transmission Equipped Cars



Transmission Configuration:

Model (ft/lb) input
1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th
T5z 330 10 28 2.95 1.94 1.34 1.00 .63











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